Suggestions and feedback

Hi Admin,

First and foremost, congrats on such a wonderful tool. Been using this for few months now, just created a User ID so that i can share few of the feedback and suggestion from my side. Hope it is helpful.

  1. The numbering currently is overlapped over the coins and not very visible. Kindly put contrasting color
  2. In addition to calculate next move, another button called “Calculate next move and execute” can be introduced. This basically calculates the move and also moves the coin as per the calculated move
  3. Removing a coin is quite a task currently, involves drag and drop outside the board. Can we have a feature wherein a double click on a particular coin removes the coin automatically.

Gowri Shankar.R.J

Thank you! This is great feedback.

1 – agreed. I’m not sure how to fix this though. Perhaps making the coins smaller would reduce / eliminate the overlap. As far as colors though, this is something I’m not very good at. Do you have any suggestions for colors or how to otherwise change the labels?

2 – also agreed. Somebody actually gave me what I thought was a great idea earlier through UserVoice: have the forward arrow, when at the “end” of history, automatically switch players, calculate next move, and animate it. What do you think about something like that?

3 – I love this. It used to be that a double-click would promote a pawn, but that’s no longer neccessary. I just implemented and pushed this. Thank you!

Hi Chendry,

Thanks for the encouragement.

  1. May be a shade of blue will suit, I believe.
  2. What I suggested was automatic movement of the pieces along with the calculation( Currently it is there as a 2 step process). Just combine these 2 features and introduce a new button.
    3, And amazingly fast to implement the suggestion, appreciate it. :smile:

Regarding, automatically switch player, that is a interesting aspect, but not very sure because for some it might be little confusing. Better is to just toggle the radio button of Active color when the user clicks on the right arrow or the new button which I suggested, that would be a small and crisp change I believe.

Gowri Shankar.R.J

Hey one more point

  1. Typo I believe, the checkbox shows White/ Queensize, Must be queenside i believe. Programmer for sure is a male :wink: ha ha


Ha! Crap! I’m even using a Dvorak keyboard and the D and Z are not even remotely close to each other – not sure how that happened. Fixed and pushed!

I’m gong to play around with the labels a bit… I’ll try the blue and maybe post some screenshots. I also may try and move them back outside the squares and see if I can get that looking good…

I think I understand what you’re saying about the calculate button: simply have another button that calculates and automatically executes/animates the move that comes back?

I think I really like that. But, I want to be careful around the calculate button… It’s pressed a bunch of times each day, so I want to make sure that any change there is approved by a majority of users. I should be getting some polling features on the forums soon – I’ll maybe build it out on staging as a demo and see what people think.

Thanks again for the suggestions – please keep them coming!

  • chad

Hey its ok Chendry, typo mistakes do happen :smile:

Just observed that the double click feature is working fine, but it is working even for the king :smile: So fix that part as an exception.

I think I understand what you’re saying about the calculate button: simply have another button that calculates and automatically executes/animates the move that comes back?

You are right, that is exactly what i meant. Yeah poll is a good option to get the idea of all the members, And do I get a I phone if the idea gets voted :smiley: ha ha… Just kidding :smile:

  • Gowri

i am using this site from long time… but i made my i id recently… i want to give some suggestion to admins of the site if they upgrade the feature i want it will be very usefull for all …

the suggestions are blow :
**1. I would like to have FEN reader so that we can directly use our position through FEN…
" 2. there should be PGN file uploader also
****3. most impotent i want that if developer can make an “Android Apps” for android user that will be very help full… **

Special thanks to all developers :slight_smile: thanks again guys :)**

Plz replay if u like my suggestions…waiting … lol

Great catch on the double-click king remove issue! That has been fixed and pushed.

No plans for free iPhone yet, but if this ever gets big and that changes, I’ll keep you in mind! :smile:

Thank you so much for all of your help!

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Thanks, Faizan!

By “FEN reader” – do you mean something like being able to load a game from a FEN string? You can do that currently by clicking the icon to the right of the “FEN” label below the board and pasting in there. Let me know whether or not that works! It’s a little strict on what it expects format-wise, though… I’m going to try to relax that soon.

PGN uploader - yes, definitely good call. This is on it’s way – should be up soon.

Android App – I am super excited to build an Android version. I’m currently reading a book on Android development, so it’ll take some time for me to learn everything. The plan is to do a big upgrade to the iPhone app now, and immediately after that’s done I’ll be focusing my attention to Android.

Thank you so much for your suggestions, and I’m very glad you like the site!

Thanks to reply me sir,

Thank you for writing :slight_smile: I’m working on the PGN uploader - should be up soon! (Maybe an hour?)

I just pushed a better PGN uploader. However, it’s limited to PGN files under 10K, and only loads the first game in the file.

Can you let me know whether or not this works for you?

Hi Chendry,

Surely it will get big, my wishes and prayers for the same :smile:

BTW here goes my 6th suggestion :smile:

By any chance can one have a feature of saving a particular FEN, Basically the URL, I would love such a feature. Saves a lot of time as a user when we switch to multiple desktops.

My ideas about the feature, May be once the user logs in, we can either have a dropdown with some name to it or say 5 buttons like game1,2,3,4 which on clicked fetches that particular saved FEN. Your thoughts ?


Aha! Yes, I’ve actually had a request for something like that before. So, basically you could create a account and be able to access your list of saved games from anywhere, right?

I like that a lot.

Somebody even suggested having the iPhone (and eventually Android) app “sync” with the website, which could be cool if done right.

Yeah exactly Admin- it would be a cool repository and also helps us to analyse the mistakes done in past, Should not be occupying much of space since it will be saving only the FEN URL.

Sync would be awesome and being an Android user, any android app if done I would be one among the first to download it :smile:

  • Gowri

here goes my 7th Suggestion

The right and left arrow are a cool feature, currently one has to click on it with mouse to get it working. Can it be integrated with right and left arrow from the keyboard also, which would be great to a person like me who likes to use keyboard more than mouse :smile:

Wow, that is another terrific idea. Thank you very much!! I pushed forward and back – check it out and let me know what you think!

This has got me thinking – maybe we could have keyboard shortcuts for other tasks? E.g., switching players, calculating the next move, animating the suggested move, moving pieces around, etc?

Are you aware of any existing key bindings for chess that I could mimc?

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Thanks admin, it works pretty good when I tried it, you are pretty quick in implementing suggestions. Keep rocking.

Actually I did not know it would be possible so just said arrow to tried it. Yeah having key for all combinations was indeed my 8th suggestion( you deprived me of it…lol), Anyways on a serious note having first letter would be a cool Idea.
for eg
R - Reset
C - Capture all
F - Flip
L - Load PGN
W - White to move
B - Black to move
N - Calculate Next Move

etc…any other key combinations you can think over… Just shared my idea :smile:

  • Gowri

Hi, I just signed up to provide a feedback.
There’s a catch here. You see when a set moves are repeated 3 times then the game is a draw. So even though this program lets you know the best move, it would repeat the same moves even after 2 times. It shouldn’t be doing that. It should suggest the next best move instead of just repeating the moves which would result in a draw. I hope you could look at this problem. Thanks.

Thank you! Yeah, I need to look in to that. I think it may have to do with the fact that I’m passing 0 and 1 to the chess engine as the halfmove clock / fullmove number. It’s a bit tricky in the case of NCM because of how you’re allowed to move pieces free-form. I’ll do some poking around to see if setting these appropriately results in better moves.

If that cycle happens again, can you let me know what the FEN was at that time?