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Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I’ve noticed that the move labeling system is not the standard in most chess tournaments. On, for example, N is used for knights, Q for queens, K for kings, B for bishops, R for rooks, etc. If a move is taken, an x is placed after the letter. I suggest a change to this system so that it matches the one used on


What an excellent app / tool. I have been using this for a couple of months as an aid to compare the Grand Master moves against a computer. I also use it as an aid (or crutch) when I am playing against the computer on in expert mode. I at least try to complete the opening and go as far as I can into the middle game before importing the PGN and requesting help via the “calculate next move” feature. Your app basically destroys the app even when it is in expert mode. It can typcialy beat it even if I put it in a losing position with 3-4 points down.


Providing a “Paste” button in the “Load PGN” window or better yet provide a function that takes the PGN directly and automatically from the clipboard so that just one button is pressed to import the PGN.

Reset to beginning of current game or PGN. Current reset basically resets the FEN to the initial board. Rationale: after using it to complete a game, it is very helpful to go back to the beginning and study each move, especially the more complicated ones. Having the “Reset Game” button would avoid many back arrows.

Again, great chess application.



I currently use the iphone version of the next chess move, love it by the way. The only issue i have is flipping the board. every time i switch from player to player I have to flip the board every time. Is there a way you can fix this so the app would automatically save the position of the board? Thanks, sorry if i posted this in the wrong place.

awesome site, but this next move is bugged? It wants me to move both the king and the tower in the same move(the right down tower)

FYI, SOPHOS Antivirus on android identifies NCM as a Low Reputation app.

Hello dear admin I have already written a contribution to this, but wouldn’t it be possible to add the cerebellum opening book and the Scid database to stockfish and to strengthen the engine? it’s free too here and for the endgame database there is now also the 7-man syzygy tablebase, it is better than the old one the 6 man that you could add

Thanks and greetings


re #2 … I would like to see a “Next & Execute” to be able to watch a game unfold … to follow certain lines rather than always having to do Black, White, Black, …