Which is the best move for LCzero?

Lczero shows this great numbers for the first 3 best moves? which is that?

are you playing white or black

With Black I play, this is for third party networks, but that appears to LCD zero also

White is slightly better. Black is a pawn down (3…e5), White gets a backward pawn on d3 (5.e4), White gets the bishop pair (7.Bxf3)… Threat coming (2.e4 c6 3.dxc6 Nxc6 4.Nc3). Don’t go (1) …Nxd5 2.e4 Nb6 3.d4 or (2) …Qxd5 2.e4 Nb6 3.d4. But I find if I get big crazy numbers like these I stop the calculation and restart the review again it should have settled.