UI updates on staging server

I’ve pushed out an alpha version of the upcoming UI changes to the staging server:


I’ve been using it on the latest Chrome and Firefox for OSX and it’s been generally usable. It’s a complete rewrite, and there are certainly a few rough edges.

Notable features:

  1. Spare pieces in favor of the captured area. I’m on the fence on this change. Please weigh in!
  2. Better handling of promotions. On the current site you can only promote pawns to queens. Now you can promote to anything by dragging spares on to the board. (Example where GNUChess suggests promotion to knight.)
  3. Ability to paste PGN. This also imports the history so you can use the forward and backward arrows to navigate the game.

Once the staging environment stables out and goes to production (hopefully over the next couple days) I’ll be turning my full attention to a major rewrite of the iPhone app, incorporating everything that’s been added to the website. I’ll also be working on an Android version in parallel.

Please give it a shot and let me know what you’d like to see changed / reverted / added / etc!