Think time increases

Today we’ve increased the maximum think time from 15 to 20 seconds. We’ll continue to increase that limit gradually over the next couple of weeks. We’re targeting a limit of 30 seconds.

Why are there limits?

Each NCM Pro calculation is guaranteed to have 100% of the server’s resources. In other words, every time you hit calculate, NCM finds an idle server and gives it your calculation to work on exclusively.

This ensures consistent high quality for all calculations. It also means your request may have to wait if there is no server available. As think time increases, servers become busier on average, and we need to ensure that we have enough hardware available to prevent queuing.

When will the apps support increased think time?

Soon! We have the apps updated internally, but we want to continue to test and make sure everything is running smoothly on the website before we release them.

Edit: Apps are updated, so anybody using the latest (2.0.0+ for Android, 3.0.0+ for iPhone) should see think time limit increases immediately after restarting the app.