The new MLH settings

I believe the latest versions are switching to this MLH version. Basically, in endgames, Lc0 doesn’t care which move to pick because all are so winning. This can often let the game slip away. With the MLH settings enabled it seems Lc0 goes for the kill. It may be worth adding a single MLH option if that’s possible. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything else.

The Moves-Left-Head predicts how many moves are left in the game and teaches Leela to focus on moves that advance the game, like pawn pushes or captures, rather than repeating positions. This will also help Leela waste less time thinking and reduce trolling in endgames.
reasonable parameters are:
MovesLeftMaxEffect 0.15
MovesLeftThreshold 0.3
MovesLeftSlope 0.015
MovesLeftQuadraticFactor 1.0
MovesLeftConstantFactor 0.0
MovesLeftScaledFactor 0.0

some of these parameters are hidden, make sure to use --show-hidden to be able to set them.


Greetings Chad, can you put that configuration directly into Next Chess Move for us?

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