Suggested move misses checkmate?

I’m a noob here so apologies if I mess this up or if I’m totally misunderstanding something here. But I put in this board: r2qr1k1/p4p2/3n2pB/1P2Q3/7P/1B6/1PP2PP1/R3K2R w - - 0 1

It’s white’s move, e5g7 should be a checkmate but the suggested move (defaults, stockfish 10) suggests e5e8 instead. Can someone explain why?

more info: i had all castling availability unchecked. when i checked both castling availability for white, it then suggested e5e3 which is even stranger to me. i think i’m seriously missing something here.

I had to stare at this one for a while :slight_smile: So, I think that e5g7 is not a legal move, because doing so would put your own king in check – see the rook at e8.

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ohhh you’re right, thanks so much.