Stockfish NNUE?

As of today stockfish still doesn’t seem to be using NNUE (checked against a position where non-nnue gives a different answer). This is sad because the NNUE variant has significantly more elo.

Stockfish on NCM should currently be using NNUE. You can verify this is the engine output (clicking on the engine name, e.g, “Stockfish 13”) shown alongside the move. In that engine I/O you should see a line like this:

info string NNUE evaluation using nn-62ef826d1a6d.nnue enabled

The engine is using the NNUE network embedded directly into the executable.

Also you can see the Elo spike that NNUE introduced in our dev build tests here:

I’m curious – what position are you using to test?

Maybe I am mistaken.
I was analyzing the king walk position:
4rrk1/1bpR1p2/1pq1pQp1/p3P2p/P1PR3P/5N2/2P2PP1/6K1 w - - 0 31

With the correct move kh2 its a forced mate, for me locally stockfish 13 doesn’t find it when nnue is on (depth ~38) but does so with the classic search. Could be that its just a fluke though. Leela also finds it.