Stockfish neural network?!

any chance of acquiring stockfish NNUE? Or any tips how one can access it?


SF NNUE has been standard since August 6th release ! I contact support team to test and add this very strong engine to Next Chess Move .


I’ve already sent an email regarding this, It’ll come soon.



NCM’s dev build tests are now using NNUE. Looks like a very noticeable boost in strength!

I’ve updated calculations to automatically download and use the default NNUE file for that particular build, so when you hit calculate for the latest dev build, it should be using that build’s default network. You can verify it’s happening by clicking on the dev build name shown next to the calculation to bring up the engine log – you should see something like the following:

setoption name Use NNUE value true
setoption name EvalFile value /nnue/nn-112bb1c8cdb5.nnue

Currectly, when a server gets a request for a dev build, it checks to see if that build supports NNUE, and if so, what the default network is. If that network does not exist on the server, it downloads it before starting the calculation.

So there will be a several second delay the first time that a server processes a calculation for a dev build whose default NNUE network has not been downloaded.

We’re working on a massive rebuild of NCM’s backend infrastructure at the moment. More on that soon, but the rebuild will address the speedy distribution of NNUE networks throughout NCM to eliminate these delays.