Stockfish development builds

i see there is a drop down list on the builds it’s a bit confusing on witch to use on the drop down, can someone explain witch is best if any on the drop down


There is a page which shows which shows a cursory glance at the strength of development builds.

At this point I could not conclude any one was better. I ticked 8 and received a response for a move. This same move was repeated when I ticked 5 and when I ticked Dev Builds which lists the highest win rate at the moment. I have not performed a conclusive test by going through each but I am making a wild guess the results might be the same. This of course depends upon piece locations.

Measuring the latest development build against very old version (SF7) has a low sensitivity and that’s why you cannot show a progress of 3-5 Elo. Even when the real progress is 10-15 the graph stays flat or with ups and downs.
A better and more sensitive measurement is to compare the development versions with the latest official version (SF9 at the time of writing)