Stockfish dev build paused?

Is there any reason the dev builds have stopped updating?

NCM updating very quickly , or you can get prerelease or Stockfish Development Versions

Thank you ! For your hasty response !!

Hi @James_Schreiber !

I’ve been meaning to address this. Lots going on at the moment, but basically what’s happening right now is:

  1. Dev builds are being added to NCM at the normal pace. Any time there’s a new commit to the master branch on the Stockfish repo, I manually review it and approve it. Once approved, it appears in the dev build dropdown and you can use them.

  2. The old “Stockfish 7” baseline dev build tests have stopped as of Stockfish 16. I’m retiring the old (really old) 2xE5-2670 servers.

  3. Going forward, we’re testing new dev builds against Stockfish 14 with some 2x E5-2680v2 servers. That’s happening here: Next Chess Move: Stockfish Development Builds

  4. The current SF14 baseline tests may be be restarted using different hardware. I’m hoping to soon rack up some identically configured 64 core / 128 thread EPYC 7702 servers to perform dev build tests going forward.