ShashChess Parameters

I have a suggestion on ShashChess engine:
Normally, this engine is used to implement theories of A. Shashin on evaluation of chess positions.
However, when this engine is used the UCI parameters regarding this aspect are not set in true and hence the engine does not use the shashin point of view.

Could all the above please set in true and so we could use this engine with all its potential?
What I am talking about is this:
option name High Tal type check default false

option name Middle Tal type check default false

option name Low Tal type check default false

option name Capablanca type check default false

option name Low Petrosian type check default false

option name Middle Petrosian type check default false

option name High Petrosian type check default false

Pretty sure that’s not how the engine works. You set one of those to true if you want that particular style to dominate it’s thinking. Setting all to false means the engine will actually precisely use Sashin’s theory to evaluate positions. Each of those “styles” (Tal, Capablanca, Petrosian) in Sashin’s theory applies to a different condition on the board. For example, if the position is favorable to attacking (according to the various Sashin metrics) then the Tal style is emphasized. If the position is one that demands defense, then the Petrosian style is emphasized. etc.

Thank you so much for your reply.

shash chess is misleading you, it’s really stockfish, always use stockfish latest dev build only, I have group discussion with 6 stockfish authors, they always check fishtest, and I have discus with ipmanchess and crafty, shashchess is legit as their Because the source is revealed as stockfish,

Hi puttutathy! The author of Shashchess makes no secret of the fact that his code is based on Stockfish. However the evaluation functions have been customized to give different weights to moves depending on the type of position as defined by Alexander Shashin’s theory.

some sf authors opinions below , we discused in discard ,

1.Shashchess, much like any sf derivative, makes a lot of claims but has no statistical backing to them 1. They usually cherry pick one specific meaningless metric

Whether a test suite, a small gauntlet on a specific set of positions or anything else

And use that to grossly misrepresent how good the engine is
2,shash chess is really a scam, the person who made it should be knocked down,
3,Test 1: LTC (60+0.6) played on UHO_XXL_+0.80_+1.09
1 SF : 2411 1837 (+446,=1059,-332), 53.1 %
2 SC : 2389 1837 (+332,=1059,-446), 46.9 %

Test 2a: VLTC (180+1.8) played on a subset of openings of Test1 where SC had game pair wins
1 SF : 2413 272 (+ 70,=152,- 50), 53.7 %
2 SC : 2387 272 (+ 50,=152,- 70), 46.3 %

Test 2b: VLTC (180+1.8) played on a subset of openings of Test1 where SF had game pair wins
1 SF : 2411 522 (+130,=296,- 96), 53.3 %
2 SC : 2389 522 (+ 96,=296,-130), 46.7 %

SF = Stockfish 030123
SC = ShashChess GZ released at the same time
Both engines where compiled with same compiler and flags!

  1. it wasn’t there in 26, it wasn’t there in 27, it wasn’t there in 28, it will not be in there in 29/29.1/30/150

Puttutathy, Thanks for your reply!

The author of Shashchess is not “scamming” anyone. He is open and honest about the fact that Shashchess is based on Stockfish and he is not charging $ for anything.

You can see here how obvious it is that he is not hiding anything or trying any deception at all: GitHub - amchess/ShashChess: A try to implement Alexander Shashin's theory on a Stockfish's derived chess engine

If the statistics that you quoted mean something to you, then, by all means don’t use Shashchess.

I have used Shashchess for years I can tell you that it often suggests different best moves than Stockfish, and it also gives different lines of play on moves where it agrees with Stockfish. That is what makes it useful and interesting to me. It’s like having a slightly less powerful “little brother” of Stockfish that says, “Yeah but what about this?” More fun!

Which brings me to my final point: Every engine on NCM can beat the best GMs in the world 99% of the time. So even if Stockfish were rated 100 points higher than Shashchess I wouldn’t care. It is still giving me world class ideas and evaluations of chess positions.

Thanks for listening!

shash owner send me this this is the right setting of shashchess