Saving a game please?

Hi, I asked a question a few weeks ago and although over 60 people viewed it no-one helped me with an answer.
This might fall on deaf ears again but can someone please explain to me how I save a game?

Greetings, and sorry this has taken me so long to respond!

Essentially there are three ways you can save a game. The easiest is to create a NCM Pro account which allows you to use the “saved boards” feature which automatically saves games so you can return to them later.

But there are other ways you can do this without having to create an account:

You can bookmark the “FEN” link shown below the board on the desktop site. This link automatically updates when pieces move so that it always points to the position displayed on the board.

You can also export “PGN”. Hit the “PGN” link to bring up the PGN window, and then click the “Load From Board” link. You can copy and save that text, save it somewhere, and paste it back in to restore the entire (legal) history of the game.

Does that make sense?

You can also email me any time at – I’m usually pretty quick responding to emails. Let me know if there’s anything I clean clear up and I’ll gladly walk you through it!