Saved Boards

Listen I’m Glad For The New Stronger Site, But When I Use SAVED BOARDS All It Does is delete everything except the king’s, IE: the pieces are not saved, if i’m doing something wrong or if there may still be bugs please let me know
thanks Jim

Hey Jim! Good to hear from you!

There are definitely still bugs. The Pro version is very much a work-in-progress – I’m hoping to have it 100% solid in a couple of weeks.

It should work like this:

You have your main board, with the NCM Pro controls on the right. You can see that it’s showing the “Sad Pawns” board:

Then, you can click on “Switch Boards”:

With that window, you can:

  • Create new boards
  • Switch between existing boards
  • Rename / Delete boards

So, for example, in my case, if I click on the other board, I get this:

Make sense? Is it not behaving like that for you? If not, can you let me know which browser you’re using?

Hi Chendry, Hea I Know That You Put A Lot Of work Into This Site and all that goes with it .
I appreciate everything you have done. once the bugs are out this site will be awesome
thanks for all your hard work, at this point i.m able to save one board, but not two, I know you will work it out it may just be me not doing something right
great job good to hear from you also (merry christmas

Thank you! Yeah, it could be a bug. Once things are all set feature-wise, I’ll be testing everything using a bunch of browsers / operating systems. Merry Christmas to you too!

hi chedry guess I did not read all the way to the bottom, i’m using google chrome and internet explorer, but there’s no way that i can see to login with explorer

thanks again

hi chendry, I’m Having Trouble with saved boards, it seems that from one day to the next the pieces are not being saved in the right position, in other words they move or just not the way i left them, i have no explanation for this, maybe someone else has this trouble also, let me know ok and stock fish has bugs it’s making big blunders