Paid NCM PRO + app?

Hello, I just paid the NCM Pro and realized there’s a paid Android app as well. Is it included with NCM Pro “web version”?

If I purchase the app now, will my username work there?



Short answer is no, but it’s coming!

I’m literally right now working on updating the apps. The Android app will go in to public beta first, followed by the iOS app. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Ability to sign in to an NCM Pro account using an email address and password…
  • Saved boards from your NCM Pro account will show up and be usable on the app.
  • When signed in, you’ll be able to select an engine to use. Either the local Stockfish 8 compiled in to the app, or any of the engines running on NCM’s servers.
  • For paid (non-trial) subscribers, moves will be calculated on the D-1540 servers.

Everything is mostly working now – just a few rough edges to smooth out, and it’ll be out in Beta soon!!

Everything’s working now. You’re able to sign in and switch engines, and use the syzygy tablebase and the dedicated servers.