Other methods for donations?

I’d like to support the developer with a donation, however, the only way I’ve seen to do so is to buy the iPhone app. I don’t have an i-Device.

can I paypal you some dollars?

blue skies, and thanks for all your work!

curious thing I noticed about the forum: topics have to have more than 15 characters.

So far (fingers crossed) the iPhone app sales are covering the hosting costs, so I’m not taking donations yet. Hopefully that holds up with the recent growth in traffic. I really appreciate the offer though – thank you very much!

Do you happen to be an Android user? I’m reading an Android development book as we speak and am hoping to have an Android version out in the relatively near future! I also have my eyes on building a desktop OSX and Windows version.

Agreed on the 15 character limit – that’s a tad long. Turns out it’s configurable – I’ve dialed that down to 10.

Thanks again!

I am an android user. I’ll gladly help test.


Hea Chendry, Jim Here I’m Not An Android User, I Have A Phone Called Pantech And ATT , Just Wondering If There’s Really A Way To Make The Site Stronger And Get Some Way For Folks Like Myself To Pay For It, I Bet You Would Be Surprised,

Jim –

I’m definitely considering some sort of a “premium” site. I not sure how to price it and what to do server-wise. I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet.

Discourse (the software that powers these forums) looks like it’s just about to release a “poll” feature which I think would be excellent for this type of stuff… e.g., “would you pay for ___ Y/N.”

Stay tuned – I will at the very least put a poll out there the moment polling becomes available!

Hi Chendry, Yea, You Did It, Music To My Ears, Just Let Us Know How And Where To Pay/ Sign Up, I Guess Paypal Would Be A Good Choice, You May Have Other Ideas