New Features: Click to Move, and Persistent Board

Click to move is just what it sounds like: instead of dragging, when enabled, you can move a piece with two clicks. You can also double-click on a piece to remove it. There are three reasons why we’ve added this:

  1. on the desktop version, rapidly moving pieces by dragging can become burdensome,
  2. on a mobile browser, scrolling can inadvertently move pieces, and, most importantly,
  3. click-to-move is the first part of our larger initiative to support screen readers including VoiceOver.

The other change is more of a bug fix which mostly benefits anonymous users on the mobile site:

Mobile browsers sometimes discard memory to free up more for other apps. This forces tabs to reload the page when they re-enter the foreground, thus resetting the board if you’re not signed in. We’ve fixed this so that the board, settings, engine, and hardware selection always persist if the page reloads.

Give these features a try on the beta site and let us know what you think!

Can’t say I’ll be using it but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. This site is fantastic btw, keep up

Great stuff Chad.
Click to move will definitely be useful to me.
Not sure if I’ll use the other but I’m sure some will.
Thanks for such a good app and service too.
Cheers from Oz.