NCM Update Details

Greetings, all!

The whole front-end of NCM has been rewritten. (The engines / move suggestions have not changed.) The focus was to tighten up what’s already there and to give the mobile site a new, mobile-focused interface. Most significantly is the new mobile drag-and-drop crosshairs:

Other minor changes include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts. Left/right for history, “c” for calculate, “a” for animate move, “t” for toggle active color, “f” for flip, “r” for reset.
  • Using SVG images for better display on high resolution devices.
  • Better en-passant support.
  • Paypal support for NCM Pro.
  • Various fixes to saved boards.

For the technically minded out there, NCM is now built wit ReactJS and RefluxJS with the intent of unifying the web and native iPhone app code bases. In other words, bringing all of the web features the the native iPhone app and long-overdue Android app.