NCM engine testing

NCM now running 1 cpu core vs 20 core matches, its showing time per move very important,
so now ncm need to increase thinking time for paid members ,at least 15 second means maximum 45 second
and like to see engine dev build 20220207-1630 vs 14.1 matches ,

Great work. Keep it up. Do you update to a stable stockfish each upgrade?

NCM showing stockfish dev build 20220207-1630 huge elo I can’t find it my practical games so I told testing and thinking time must need increase

Thank you @Silencious! We do make sure to have the latest official Stockfish whenever it’s released. I usually try to get it out the same day.

@puttutathy - Stay tuned to the live tests. I’m hoping to have an exciting addition later today or tomorrow / US Central time :slight_smile:

thank you so much waiting waiting

Oh wow are we gonna have the Ryzen 5950X available to use soon? Increasing the maximum think time would be great too.

That’s the idea :slight_smile: I’ll also be testing another server for good measure, specifically the E5-2680-v3, but I don’t expect it to outperform the Ryzen 5950X. We’ll see though.

I’m expecting the 5950X to be the winner so I’m currently ramping up our stockpile of those. I’m hoping to have enough 5950X servers to cut over some time in April, but the supply is tight and unpredictable.

I’m also exploring some ways to provide extended think time. Stay tuned for that too!


We are waiting to 5950x , extended thinking time very important, because most of the NCM users are using ncm for corresponding chess or rapid chess I have high speed internet ,then I can’t paly bullet or blitz because we send request and ncm giving move it will be late .so its not practical for blitz ,so extend thinking time.