NCM App Rewrites

We’ve finished the rewrite of our iOS and Android apps. They are now both in beta testing. You can get early access to them by becoming a beta tester using the “request beta invite” link on our home page.

What’s New?

The main new features are:

  • Real-time depth and nps stats during all (remote and local) calculations
  • Multi-PV search

Why the rewrite?

This is the last step of what turned out to be a year long overhaul of NCM. We deployed our rewritten website back in August. Then we shifted focus to rewriting the apps. Now both apps and the website all share a large, heavily tested “core.” This core contains all of the shared logic between platforms.

Extracting and sharing this common core allows us to deliver new features across all platforms faster.

What’s Next?

Think time increases! After the apps are officially released, we’ll start increasing the maximum think time 5 seconds at a time, carefully observing how our hardware handles the load and making any necessary changes as we go. Our target is to double the current maximum think time to 30 seconds per calculation.