NCM AMD Ryzen 5950X hardware upgrade

Today, after a month of extensive testing and stockpiling of new servers, we’ve rolled out our 3rd major NCM CPU hardware upgrade. We’ve replaced our old dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 dedicated servers with new AMD Ryzen 5950X dedicated servers.

Here’s a quick hardware comparison:

2x E5-2680-v2 Ryzen 5950X
CPU Benchmark 20678 46208
Single Thread Rating 1763 3501
Launch Date Q3 2013 Q4 2020
CPU Cores 20 16
Supports BMI2? no yes

The new 5950X servers have fewer but much faster CPU cores than the old 2x E5-2680-v2 servers. Also, the 5950X, being a newer processor, supports the BMI2 instruction set, which gives Stockfish and many other engines a significant performance boost.

NCM’s live engine testing evaluated the upgrade by having Stockfish 14.1 on the old hardware play itself on the new hardware at various seconds per move. Here is the summary of the results:

Time 2x E5-2680-v2 W/L/D Ryzen 5950x W/L/D
250ms/move 3/18/79 18/3/79
1s/move 2/5/93 5/2/93
5s/move 0/2/98 2/0/98
10s/move 1/2/97 2/1/97
20s/move 2/5/93 5/2/93
30s/move 2/2/96 2/2/96

We also collected statistics during these tests about knps and depth.

Average knps per server and movetime:

hardware 250ms 1s 5s 10s 20s 30s
VPS 593 661 675 631 635 631
2x E5-2680-v2 16000 16370 16858 16380 17840 17235
5950X 26205 26079 25907 25426 27276 26339

Average depth per server and movetime:

hardware 250ms 1s 5s 10s 20s 30s
VPS 14.35 19.53 26.89 28.91 33.02 34.71
2x E5-2680-v2 19.85 26.73 36.02 39.40 44.27 46.35
5950X 22.82 29.43 38.80 42.28 47.68 49.23

We’re updating the Android and iPhone apps soon. Currently the apps refer to the old hardware, but remote calculations for paid NCM Pro members are executed on the new hardware. You can verify this by calculating from the starting position: you should get approximately 21000knps, as opposed to approximately 12000knps on the old hardware.

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congratulations , :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Is the tablebase working properly? I haven’t seen any tablebase hits since the upgrade

Doh! They are not. I forgot to copy tablebase files. They’re copying now, so you should start seeing them appear. Thanks for letting me know!!

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