Multipv and / or full variation available?


I find your concept very interesting and ready to subscribe to have access from time to time to a strong analysis machine. However, there are severe limitation in the interface :
You give only the only move, it would be great to display the full main variation (it is in the logs but not user friendly).
Also while analysing, it is great to have multipv mode up to 5 variations so you can understand the difference between the different options.
One very good interface is . I would love to have such interface to analyse my games and happy to pay for that.
Have you plan to improve ?


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Greetings, and thank you for this feedback!

I’m currently working on a complete rewrite of the frontend so this is a great time to start thinking about these improvements.

(I’ll be leaving the look and feel the same. Rather, the focus is on simplifying parts of the implementation, speeding up page loads, usability and accessibility, etc.)

We’re absolutely looking to improve. I’ve always wanted to support multipv > 1, but honestly have not taken the time to figure out a good way to implement it with the UI. I’ll make sure this is incorporated in the rewrite.

As far as the PV, one thing I always wanted to do is to add some sort of “PV Explorer” in the engine output.

Here’s roughly what I had in my head:

  1. In the engine output, make “pv” clickable
  2. When the “pv” link is clicked, show an embedded chess board with prev/next buttons
  3. Make each move in the PV clickable to jump to that particular position on the embedded chess board.

What would you think about something like that?

It’s not a big secret here at NCM that I’m quite the awful chess player, so I rely heavily (i.e., exclusively) on user input for features, so any and all feedback is truly appreciated!

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Hello, just copy the excellent interface. That’s super efficient, you let stockfish run. Then you have your X variations that you can browse by clicking on each move. When you are analysing a position, you can very quickly see the top 3-5 ideas, browse the line to understand quickly the plan for each variation.

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