Multi-PV setting broken

On the web site, the user preference for “Multi-PV” is now lost between sessions.

Sorry about this! This was a bug. We were not saving the multipv setting to the user account. This should be fixed now.

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Mr. Chendry can You add the new Fat Fritz 2 it is a clone of sf But it have a diferent net more Big please thanks.

Hi @Cesar12! Fat Fritz is an interesting case. Essentially we can’t add it without some sort of agreement in place with the author because it’s a commercial engine. But Fat Fritz itself is in some questionable legal and moral territory.

Here’s a statement from the Stockfish team:


Mr chendry do you think you can add a search engine with all t60 networks,
I ask you this because Mr. Stefan Pool tests from time to time about the progress of the t60 lc0 networks and some are very good and recently he did a test where the 67741 network has an elo gain apparently and I would like to test it but it will soon disappear from the list of the 100 most recent networks so that is why I ask you if it is possible to find them all with a search engine by writing the identification number of each network.