Missing Checkmate

FEN: r1b4k/p7/1p2p2p/2p5/4K3/2PP2b1/PP3q2/R2Q2N1 b - - 0 1

I am playing as Black, and I’m using the 20 CPU Core with the Stockfish 10 build or the latest Dev build. It’s telling me my next move should be C8 to B7, but moving my Queen from C2 to C4 results in a Checkmate.

Greetings! It looks like the move the engine suggested, c8b7, also results in a checkmate. One thing you can do is to set Multi-PV to 4 under Settings and run the calculation again. I’m seeing that the engine finds c8b7, the move you mentioned, and two additional moves resulting in checkmate.

@chendry, well don’t I feel silly now. Thanks for pointing that out! :smile:

Ha, no worries! Turns out you were in quite the strong position :slight_smile:

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