Major updates + experimental mobile website

I’ve pushed a big update to the Next Chess Move website. On the surface I’m hoping that the changes are mostly subtle - fonts, colors, spacing, etc. However, this change paved the way for a (very) experimental mobile website: (screenshot below.)

By experimental, I mean I haven’t even had a chance to test this outside of the iPhone simulator. Well, technically I tried using my personal iPhone 4S running iOS 5 and the pieces wouldn’t drag.

If you have a mobile device, please try out the mobile site and let me know whether or not it works! It will take some time, but I’m going to be working on polishing the mobile site based off any feedback I get.

Thanks much, and please let me know (good, bad or indifferent) what you think about the updates!

It works well on Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 through Chrome.

Fantastic, thank you! That’s the first confirmed report of it working on an actual device.

No problem! Thanks for making the site. It’s great work.

Good website.
But It’s not easy to move pieces on a windows phone.
drag and drop is not working smootly, I can move max 1 position per drag. Is it possible to make an option with click-from-click-to?

Interesting – can you let me know whether or net the chess board on the bottom of this page is usable on your phone?

Good call on the click-from-click-to approach. I’m going to try and get that worked in.


Hi! I just bought the app and i love it. I have some thoughts about it: i like that the numbers /letters are outside, but for those who want it on the inside - isn’t there a possiblity to just make that an option - to either have it inside or outside or completely turned off.

Hi! I discovered two problems with the app.

  1. I was hoping you could add the feuture where it stops calculating when you move a piece. For example if you drop a piece wrongly and then hit calculate it takes some time to wait rather than if it just could have stopped.

  2. I discovered this bug just recently. I was playing and the app advised me to take rather weird moves, but I trusted it. It lead me to this point: And I even started with white so i should have had the overtake. And even from this point the app and the website advise differently.

I hope you could look into this :slight_smile:

Hi again. In regards to my last post, i think this other bug might have been the reason for my second problem. A little earlier in the game it wanted to perform a “rokade” ( the thing you do with the tower and king where they switch places) with my queen and an enemy tower? That was weird. And yesterday it wanted to do the same thing with my two towers. :slight_smile: