Longer thinking time

Hello. When is it possible to expect set up longer time than 15 seconds? I think for everybody is no problem pay more for this option. Thank you very much. Jan


Soon, I promise! We’re in the midst of rewriting almost everything to clear the way for this and some other new features. The website has been rewritten, as has the Android app (currently in beta), and the rewritten iPhone app is almost there.

(Technical explanation: we’ve switched to TypeScript + Redux, rewrote everything, and have built a huge, stable, testable “core” of common logic that is being shared between all platforms. This will allow us to move faster in the future, but it’s a ton of work to do initially.)

We need to make sure that the website+apps are all up to date with the new tech so that we can make the changes to increase limits to them all at once so that subscribers get the same capabilities everywhere.

As far as price, we’ll probably increase it a bit as longer think times require additional servers to handle the load. But existing users will, as always, be grandfathered in to the current price.