Loging in using facebook WONT WORK

are you guys serious? we can’t even log in to the app using facebook???

many months ago i bought an account on the website, at the time i used facebook to sign in. today i’ve decided to buy the app for my phone, but what a surprise when i’ve noticed that i couldn’t even log in with facebook after buying it.

hopefuly i got my money back from the google play store.

cheers. keep me posted when your app will worth buying.

Steve –

I’m very sorry about this! We did release the mobile app without Facebook authentication support. In hindsight, that seems misleading and the wrong decision. I’ll work on adding that ASAP.

I unfortunately don’t have any control over refunds, but my understanding is that Google should be able to refund the purchase without question.

If you’d like, you can create an email/password account, and I’d be more than happy to cover your subscription and saved boards over to it.

Again, really sorry about this! Will fix soon.