LCZero v0.24-sv-t60-3010

Would it be possible to get this running on the site as it’s just beat stockfish in a small game at the TCEC and is regarded as the strongest version .

@brad and I discussed this outside of this thread, but for anybody else interested, here’s where this stands:

NCM’s current system to download, cache, and distribute Lc0 networks throughout our collection of backend servers is basically married to the networks available at, so we need to fix that before alternate networks are added. This will certainly be fixed, but I don’t have a timeline yet. Stay tuned!

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t60 network 62833 - is coming out on top atm

can’t get access to t60 62833 however it’s getting very good results, is there any way you could make this available?

Yes! I just pushed a change to include the latest 100 instead of the latest 50 networks from any training run. 62833 should be selectable now. I’ll try and add a query string parameter or something to allow access to any network regardless of age, sort of like how we do for Stockfish dev builds. Thanks for the heads-up!

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Yes, but what is the strongest network, T40 or T60? Many people on other sites say that the T60 is the current standard of Lc0, that is, if it is the standard, it must be the strongest. However, here at Nextchessmove, it says that the T40 is the strongest.

So, which one is stronger, T40 or T60 here on the site?

it all depends on how long you run it for, what your using it for ect. Honestly the best one is changing all the time however the t60 network 62833 which has just been added is testing very well. There is a discord lc0 group that is in constant discussion about all the latest testings and dev’s ects if your interested. Chendry is also looking to bring in the SV versions of lc0 which are also very strong.

Here are some guidelines telling which network should be used.
As far as I understand the strongest one (and the one used in TCEC) are 30 blocks network (for example sv30b-t60-3010), but only in you can run it for long periods of time. Taking into consideration that can be only run for max 30 seconds the recommended network will be 20 blocks networks, for example sv-20b-t40-1541.

From what I’ve heard from the creators, if you’re hitting 100k nodes - which you tend to most of the time, you should be okay.

Where can I find the 62833 - in mine I can see the top most as Network ID 42872 and Training run test40.


Pls disregard request