Is there a way to import PGN?

is there a way to import a PGN? that would be slick

cool site!

Aye, that’s a good idea! You cannot currently import PGN. You can use FEN by pasting it into the query string (…) but no PGN yet.

i’m glad to see that i can use the FEN, that’s great. i’d suggest putting some instructional language on the page to instruct people how to do this. not everyone knows what a query string is.


Yeah, agreed. There are a few features I’m wanting to build out and they’re looking more and more like they may all be related UI-wise: pasting (or uploading?) PGN, pasting FEN, saving games, being able to change the page title for navigating tabs for multiple games, etc.

The thing that I struggle with is finding a way to do everything with minimal changes to the existing UI. Gmail has taught me to be careful about disrupting something that’s already working mostly well :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any ideas!

actually, this is what i do, i’m a UI designer … so yes, i have tons of ideas. i’d suggest looking at other existing chess programs ( to follow already used conventions that users will be acclimated to, rather than re-inventing the wheel

I Do Think That There A Lot Of People That Would Be Glad To have A stronger Site And Would Pay For It And This Would Help Fund Your Project I Know It Can’t Be Cheep,


Hi Ok I Have No Idea How To Paste The PGN, Could Someone Tell Me Exactly How This Is Done And What Advantage This Would Give A Player, I Can’t Even Find The PGN, I Do See The FEN At The Bottom Of The Site, Maybe It’s Not Been Done Yet Help Please


Right under Reset and next to the gear icon, it says “PGN” there, you can either load the PGN from the board or paste your own. Then, you can press save to board