Intel Xeon D-1540 8 Core Server Upgrade for Paid Subscribers

NCM Pro’s new servers use 8-core Intel Xeon D-1540 8 core / 16 thread processors. They are available only to paid NCM Pro subscribers (and not trial accounts) because they are really expensive.

The servers evaluate around 50 million positions per move calculation give or take depending on a number of variables, whereas the old servers generally evaluate around 5 million positions. This means stronger moves.

To see the difference, click the “Stockfish” link shown below the suggested move. Towards the bottom you’ll see the number of nodes evaluated:

This is still very much an experiment, and things may change. I’m studying how these servers respond to load, how many users each can comfortably handle, and how many I’ll need to fulfill demand.

Please advise your required procedure for me to further subscribe to the Intel Xeon D-1540 8 Core Server Upgrade, as I am a paid subscriber to Next Chess

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Mrs B J Degen