I want to change my login method


Years ago, when i started using NCM, i used Facebook for login. I stopt using Facebook because i don’t support the company ethics. I want to change my login method without losing my account. How to do this?

Greetings! We’re actually dropping support for Facebook authentication with the upcoming release. There will be an automated system in place to migrate accounts.

In the meantime, can you open up a support ticket? I can manually update your account so that you can log in using an email address and password.


Sounds great! But, how i do open a ticket? I can’t find any in your FAQ on the forums.

FAQ - Next Chess Move. I think you made a mistake here. There are no questions being anwsered in FAQ. I believe this is more policy. Right?

Doh! Yes, you’re right. That FAQ is just the default one that ships with Discourse, the software that runs the forums. That needs to be fixed.

To open a ticket, you can go to https://nextchessmove.com/ and click the “leave feedback” ticket on top. (Now that I say that, that wording should be changed too.) Or you can just email me at chendry@nextchessmove.com :slight_smile: Sorry for all the confusion!