Humanize the engine, what are the "lowest" options?

Hello, while this may sound weird considering all the posts about people wanting more improvements, my issue is that its too good. Even when i use GNU 6 and i set Think Time to 0 or 1 second, i win way, way too fast.
Can anyone recommend me the precise settings to make the engine “dumber” i.e. less efficient ?

This sites more designed for high level analysis on excellent hardware. Particularly Lc0 as most top level chess players do not have a GPU.

There are many apps - lichess and have intuitive engines at lower levels to play against. Or you could download Lc0 on Nibbler and lower the settings on there. I’ve always found playing against humans is the only real way to progress, unless for a very specific position or endgame theme.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: