How to Save the Boards

How many boards can I save on my device and online? Can we have the option to Save as… and then put a name to a board we can follow the different games like say for correspondence games.

Thank you. I just signed in as Pro member.

Please disregard. I found out that you can save the online boards with Titles using my computer.

Sorry for the delay, and thank you for subscribing!

You can also give a board a title from the app itself. On the Android app, you can tap the three vertical dots to the right of the board thumbnail. On the iPhone app, it’s a little (perhaps a lot) more hidden – you can tap “Edit” on the upper-right corner, and then tap the whitespace next to any board to bring up a keyboard to give the board a title.

As far as how many boards you can save, we don’t impose any sort of limit. Both the app and the website simply display a list of boards, which is probably not ideal if you have a ton of boards, so the limiting factor is probably the user interface :slight_smile: It would be nice to have some sort of way to organize boards in to folders or implement some sort of tagging system. We’ve talked about doing so in the past but nothing has materialized yet.

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