How did i lose?

hello everyone new to the site so i was using the free engine so i paid for the upgrade so i can learn a few new tips and tricks but i lost the first game not sure why it was telling me to do so many bad moves i was black they was white and its like 4 or 5 suggestions so i pick the highest one + but the moves made no sense i was giving up all my pieces help maybe i set up wrong but can some one help me set it up the correct for the strongest possible moves?

The strongest settings for Stockfish are as follows:-

  1. 20 CPU Core
  2. Always the latest Development Build
  3. Think Time - 30 seconds
  4. Multi-PV - 1
  5. Choose everything - SAN Notation, Move automatically, 6-man Syzygy Tablebases, Click to Move.
  6. Contempt - 24

Try to defeat it at these settings if you can.

Using leela I’ve done it

If you were black you should have been selecting the ones with the highest - instead of +. + is for white - is for black. Not sure how nobody caught this.

I always use Stockfish 11. Is the dev build stronger than SF11?

Stockfish 12 was officially released today.

Yes, it is significantly stronger since they switched to NNUE (Neural Network)

The web version has the Stockfish 12 and the Lc0 0.26.0. When are they planning to upgrade the mobile version like the iPhone? It is still Stockfish 11 and the Lc0 still the same - no option for the 0.26.0 version.

I deleted my app thinking that by reinstalling, it will give me the updates. No luck - still the same.