Feature suggestion: ranking a move

After making a manual move, implement a new button, that when pressed, the computer will rank how good of a move it was compared to what the computer would have done. Or as an alternative, give a score or weight, so that the player knows how good or how bad of a move that was compared to the computer’s #1 move selection.

This helps a player know his strength and if making improvements while learning. Sometime, not choosing the same move as the computer doesn’t always mean it was the wrong move. So it would be nice to know if it was close or equally as good. Thank you!

i think this “ranking a move” idea is fantastic … it helps turn this tool into more of a training vehicle

Did you have a chance to think about an implementation method? I was wondering whether a ranking score or if a weight score would be better. When comparing a ranked move, you can tell the #1 move is better than #2 but not how much better. When giving a weight score, for example, the best chosen move can have a score of 1.0, but the second best move can have a score of 6.0 or 1.1, making the second best move a very bad choice or a not so bad choice compared to the #1 move.

So maybe the weight score is better if it takes the same amount of programming work. Or even better, maybe you can offer both rank and weight scores :smile:

Thanks for looking into it!