Engine vs. Engine

Is it possible to have computer vs. computer games?

So for example:

  1. You enter a FEN code
  2. You pick the engines. Let’s say “Stockfish 11 vs. LCO (version)”
  3. You select the number of games you want to run and the time you want it to play or the depth. The site calculates the expected time it will take, or if a certain time is entered, the expected average depth
  4. The computer lets the engines play against themselves
  5. After the games are finished, PNGs are available for all games played

I know this is somewhat similar to Computer Chess Championship. But the purpose is for researching certain positions. Also, I understand this will take a lot of resources, so it would be logical to come at some kind of price (for example pay per “round” or other subscription tier).


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Cool, thanks for the link.

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Thanks for the share. This helps.

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