Engine tests

I’m very sorry, but when will the Stockfish engine tests be resumed? Could there be a failure??


Soon. Right now I’m rebuilding every dev build since commit 32590884df7c258158bc43da5307865680972721 (May 19 2010) so that’s the main holdup. To keep this as controlled as I can, I’m doing all builds on the same VPS and adding delays between builds to stay under CPU limits and such. I’d estimate I have at least 3-5 days left before those complete.

I have three identical 64-core EPYC 7702 servers ready to resume these tests, and depending on how much power they end up consuming during the tests, I think I should be able to fit in 2 more.

Also after discussion with people much smarter than myself, threads is going to be increased from 2 to 8 for better results.

So it’s coming! It’s taken much longer than I thought, but they should be back online and better than ever soon.

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Thank you very much for the information