Engine Request: Shashchess

Shashchess is a Stockfish derivative that implements the theory of Alexander Shashin detailed in his book ― “Best Play: A New Method for Discovering the Strongest Move.” (Best Play: A New Method For Discovering The Strongest Move: Shashin, Alexander: 9781936277469: Amazon.com: Books)

Testing shows Shashchess draws with Stockfish in head to head engine matches, but significantly outperforms Stockfish in puzzle solving and mate-finding.

Its author created it for Correspondence Chess, and I can attest that it is an interesting and powerful analysis tool. Now in version 16 it is also well-honed.

looking strong long game can you tell me the engine setting? book move false or true? default its false

I use all the default settings.

shash 17 released check it

shash setting ;thread put equel number your system core and tal and calpanica true
“Tal” means the search for the strongest chess move when attacking.
“Capablanca” means searching for the strongest move in strategic play.
“Petrosian” covers the search for the strongest move in defense.
Together, the three algorithms (T, C, and P) encompass the whole,
undivided spectrum of all chess attacks and defenses.

This is a great idea, although there would have to be more effort put in to impliment this.

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