Dear Admin I found a couple of improvements to the engines / programm that should work :)

hello dear admin i have selected a few opening books for stockfish and new engines and i hope they can be added.

opening book for stockfish: (Polyglot) , , , and (OKE) , (Armageddon Openings) , ( The Drawkiller Openings) , (The SALC opening) ,

Here again the complete list of opening books with a few engines:

and as new alternative engines there would be: SugaR, CorChess, asmFish, Cfish, Brainfish, Raubfisch, ShashChess, can be found in this list: .

Endgame database: (7-piece Syzygy tablebases) , I hope it is possible to insert this endgame database in ncm if the memory allows it

here are a few other engines: (Critter 6,1) , ( Fire 7.1) , (Rybka 2.3.2a) , (Aristarch 4.50) ,

I hope that you can effectively insert them into the ncm program if there are no licensing problems. since I and the other users would be very happy about improvements of this kind. I hope that it is possible to insert the (Brainfish Engine) and the (Celebrium Opening Book) , despite the licensing because I have seen other program providers who use it even though it is licensed.

Greetings Tasgarn :slight_smile: