Can I not save an ongoing board once I sign up for a Trial?

I have a board going on (actually multiple in different tabs) and I liked it enough to sign up for a Trial with the idea of definitely paying for the Pro later.

But I don’t see any ‘save board’ button. And when I log into the same account on a different browser (or on the app on Android phone), I don’t see my board(s), so it is not being saved automatically.

What am I missing?


So essentially how it works is that there’s always an “active” saved board, and all moves are automatically saved to that board. You can create additional saved boards and switch between them using the “Saved Board” link on the bottom of the “NCM Pro” side bar:

Clicking on the link will give you something like this:

If you have boards still open in tabs that you started before the trial, you can import them. It’s kind of a convoluted process, but basically you’d need to:

  1. Go to the tab with the board you want to import
  2. Click “PGN”, then “Load From Board”, and copy the resulting text
  3. Switch to the browser where you’re logged in to your NCM Pro account and create a new board
  4. Click “PGN”, paste the text you copied earlier, and then click “Save To Board”

Once you do that the boards should also show up in the Android app assuming you’re logged in.

Let me know if I can clear anything up!


Thanks, this worked for me!