Best move is not recommended in this position

At this state of the game a1 is the best next move for black, but stockfish 15 is recommending d5, why is that? d5 leads to pawn storm and can’t be defended properly without using black’s rook. But using the rook first negates the battle entirely and also white then cannot get her rook to the back files in time.

Sorry I am new and maybe this is a question better suited for stockfish developers?

maybe ask on r/chess SF devs don’t exactly specialise in explaining chess positions best way to find out IMO is just play the move you think is best, and look at the PV line to see why it’s not

Thanks, good idea. I’ve not ventured to reddit for chess before. I decided to ask the question in a more interested way as it was presented to me in the game, for anyone visiting this from the future: Reddit - Dive into anything

Hi Ryan! I don’t understand. This is the position from your link. The move a1 is not an option.

Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 7.05.15 AM