Autoplay between the engines.

Greetings Chad, I would like you to implement for the premium the possibility of autoplay between the engines. It is very necessary to take that step forward! Thank you very much.


I really want do this, but I don’t think we can at our current pricing.

We guarantee, at least for the 20-CPU core and GPU servers, that each calculation lands on it’s own, exclusive, physical, dedicated server. So we have several of these servers racked up in multiple datacenters that requests don’t queue up while waiting for a server to become available.

I think if we gave an option to run an auto-play game, and many people did so at once, that could strain our resources.

But we are looking at creating a more advanced product for power users. Longer think times, integration with UCI clients, game / tournament scheduling, that kind of stuff.

We’ve recently beefed up our internal engine-vs-engine testing here:

I’m hoping to offer this soon as a service for users!

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