Apps for free

Hello i have the paid version(pc), so can i have the app on play store for free

Why would it work like that haha

dumb man like you don’t deserve a answer from me

Let’s try to be kind to each other, especially during a global pandemic!

@unluckyy - sorry for the delay in response, and that’s actually an interesting question. I would like to automatically provide the app to NCM Pro users, but Google and Apple don’t allow me to do that, and here’s why:

Both stores (Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store) earn their money by taking a 30% cut of sales. You can think of that 30% as the price NCM pays Apple and Google to do the work of hosting the app for purchase, distributing it, distributing updates, etc. So, if I systematically give the app away to those who have paid via. another channel (e.g., PayPal, where Apple and Google do not get their 30% cut,) it is my understanding that doing so would (understandably) violate Apple’s and Google’s TOS.

Wasn’t my intent to be unkind I just think its a little cheeky to expect to get that for free given how cheap the service already is.

Apologies for any offence caused.