Announcing NCM Pro

NCM Pro has been in development for the past several months and is almost ready for production!

What is NCM Pro?

NCM Pro includes the following features:

  1. Stronger. It includes a stronger chess engine and more powerful servers on the back-end.
  2. Saved Boards. Save and switch between multiple boards.
  3. No Ads.

In short, it is a full-blown, ass kicking chess machine. Here are some screenshots:

What does it cost?

Somewhere around $20 for a year subscription.


Next Chess Move has gotten really popular in the past couple of years. It calculates tens of thousands of moves every day, and that load has to be spread out across several severs. Naturally there is a cost to keep everything up and running. Fortunately, app sales along with the recent introduction of ads have been able to cover those costs.

However, it’s time to take Next Chess Move to the next level, and NCM Pro is the first step in that direction. I plan to spend a lot more time pushing NCM forward.

Planned Projects

The following are planned projects that NCM subscriptions will support:

iPhone App Update

The iPhone app needs some updating. Version 2 is already in the works. It will be a free upgrade to those who have already purchased it:

  1. Stronger Engine. I’m working on incorporating Stockfish 5.
  2. Undo / Redo.
  3. Support for pasting and exporting FEN and PGN.
  4. Keeping the “flipped” option synced with saved boards. (!!!)

Andriod App

Yes, this will happen! I know there is a huge demand for this. It will mirror the iPhone app in functionality but will be native Android.

how do I sign up and pay for it

Is there a way to use NCM pro on windows…if not…why not

Eek – just saw your post from April – sorry for not responding!!

You should definitely be able to use NCM Pro on Windows – many are doing so now. You just have to log in using Facebook. Have you ran into trouble logging in?

I dont use Face Book…any other way???

I’m currently testing out a regular email/password login for NCM Pro. If any of you would like to give it a shot, PM me!