Algebraic Notation?

I love NCM dearly, but it still frustrates me that there isn’t an option for algebraic notation! Is that something on your radar?

Thanks for the consideration!

Algebraic notation, for those who don’t know or are curious, denotes the piece being moved, and is the predominant method for displaying chess moves. Instead of NCM saying “d5e6”, it would say “Qe6”.


  1. e4 e5
  2. Nf3 Nc6
  3. Bb5 a6

Wiki here:

Glad you like it!

Algebraic notation was actually not on the radar, but it is now!

I just pushed a little experiment. I added a quick keyboard shortcut to toggle the notation used to display moves.

Try reloading the page, hit calculate, and when the move appears, hit ‘s’ to toggle SAN notation. (You’ll need to make sure that no control has focus, so you may have to click some white space before hitting ‘s’.)

All moves thereafter will be displayed in SAN.

I’m using chess.js to do all of the heavy lifting here. Can you let me know if the notation looks correct to you? Especially for things like captures, promotions, castling, etc?